I am currently working on a startup called Phacility with Evan Priestley and Chamath Palihapitiya in Silicon Valley. Our goal is to make it easier to scale software companies. For now, we're working on Phabricator, an open source collection of web applications which (surprise) makes it easier to scale software companies. We are making the software better for our existing users and moving towards providing a software as a service version.

Most recently I was an engineering director and director of culture at Facebook. I was there for almost six years, working as an engineering leader on the systems of technology and people that power the company. Think badass IT plus all the culture goodness you can shake a stick at. I built some sillier things too.

Before that, I worked at Microsoft at Microsoft TV, where I made cable boxes do all sorts of things automagically. Before that, I went to Harvard and got a BA in computer science.

And even before that, I grew up in the Boston area. Go Patriots!

I need to build this.

Please contact me if I can be helpful in any way.